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We do things differently…
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Dr Rowen Simpson (Chiropractor) of Spinewaves Chiropractic

Dr Rowen Simpson (Chiropractor) of Spinewaves Chiropractic

Are you experiencing symptoms such as lower back pain, neck pain or headaches? Or perhaps you’re an expecting or new mum seeking a natural approach to your family’s health? Then you’re at the right place! At Spinewaves Chiropractic, we understand that the human body is by design, made up of organised self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms which keep things in balance as best as possible. So pain is the way that the body communicates with us when something in its environment is wrong or needs to change and can therefore be the result of a deeper, underlying issue. We are here to help relieve the immediate symptoms but more importantly, using gentle techniques we encourage the body to connect, release tension, re-organise and promote long-term healing. We are interested in helping people take responsibility for their life and health which we believe are interconnected. We are a ReOrganisationally informed practice, utilising bodymind concepts in our approach; i.e. rather than the symptoms remaining as the issue or ‘enemy’, they become the fuel and the lessons for change…

Worthing Chiropractor That Puts Trust in YOUR Body

People who trust the natural healing ability of their body thrive well in our practice, and often report that their quality of life transforms and lifestyle habits improve. We want to help our community live life to the fullest by providing chiropractic healthcare and advice to all those who can benefit. That could be you! If you want to discover the holistic benefits offered by our Chiropractor at Spinewaves Chiropractic, find out more by looking around our website.

Improve your Posture

See how our gentle approach to care can have profound improvements in your posture and find out here, where research shows us why this is so important for your health.

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