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SRI is grounded in Reorganisational Healing and to put it simply, it’s a powerful series of exercises using breath, awareness, touch and movement developed to help you connect your body and mind, and deal with life more efficiently and positively.

Through working with thousands of patients over many decades, NetworkSpinal® founder, Dr. Donald Epstein, noticed predictable patterns in the way people move and breathe when they experience both negative and positive life events.

The Twelve Stages

He categorised a dozen unique rhythms, which he identified as The Twelve Stages of Healing. Collectively they make up the set of exercises called Somato Respiratory Integration.

  • It’s much harder to free yourself from tension by concentrating on an area of stress – it may actually increase the defence status of the body
  • Instead we always start from an area of peace or ease, bringing its energy and memory to the area that is blocked or stressed or painful
    SRI Discover Workshop with Sarah showing Stage 2 exercise

    SRI Discover Workshop with Sarah showing Stage 2 exercise

The first three stages are helpful for those who are suffering physically, emotionally or mentally. We become aware of the rhythms and polarities of our suffering and also discover we are somehow involved in a process and are partially responsible for our distress, recognising that it is associated with being stuck in a particular perspective.

The next four stages are associated with ‘breaking through’ and making significant life changes to conquer suffering. Ways to create change are discovered and resolution achieved.

The last five stages represent a more awakened consciousness.  Having dealt with and resolved suffering, the individual is left with an enlightened and deeper sense of wellbeing. They are ready to participate in life in a more profound and satisfying way.

THE BENEFITS – SRI will help you:

Woman in field enjoys SRI at Spinewaves Chiropractic

Reconnect you to your body and begin feeling great again with SRI

  • Enhance the results of your NSA care
  • Stay more connected and present in your body
  • Feel more focused and energised
  • Be more creative
  • Transcend physical pain, stress, depression and tiredness
  • Make significant and positive life changes
  • Maintain a greater depth of wellbeing

A good friend and fellow NSA colleague, Krishan Ramyead has a youtube link for some well demonstrated videos on the 12 Stages of SRI bodymind exercises, as well as some demonstrations of different levels of NSA care.

We integrate SRI into our processes and have specific workshops to help you understand the different stages clearly. Interested in learning more? Contact us today!

A note from Sarah our SRI Coach

SRI has had a profound effect on my life… both as a facilitator and as a student (I believe we are constantly learning). Like riding a bike, the more practice I put into the exercises, the more comfortable I become in whatever stage I’m in.  After years of personal development and self-integration seminars, life coaching and working closely with the bodymind concept through massage, it seemed perfectly natural to move into the realm of SRI.  I feel most privileged when running the monthly workshops as they provide a safe environment for people to focus on connecting to what they really need at that time, without pressure or expectation.  I am often humbled by participant’s willingness to be open to the possibility of change and, appreciate each workshop is unique in its own right… lead by those who attend.

If you are interested in exploring what can be discovered during an SRI workshop please feel free to talk to me or one of the team.  You don’t have to be an NSA patient to attend, although if you are; your sessions on the bench are usually more effective as we use some of the strategies, learned through SRI, to enhance entrainments.

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