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Network Spinal

Network Spinal, formerly known as Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is a relatively new approach to wellness and body awareness.

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Chiropractor using a low-force touch technique

Amazingly, a light touch, at the right time and place, can help your body to abandon its defensive posture and begin true healing.

The chiropractor will apply a gentle low-force touch to certain contact points, usually along your spine, at specific moments in your respiration cycle. These precise and gentle touches to your spine, alert your brain to move away from a defense posture and embrace a more peaceful, resourceful state. This adjusting approach helps patients develop new strategies for living and healing as the nervous system learns new ways to release mechanical tension. Network Spinal care advances through a series of increasingly higher levels. As your body learns and heals, each level opens up new abilities to adapt, make healthier choices, enjoy life and experience a sense of “ease.” Based on the outcomes of research conducted at the University of California, Irvine those receiving NSA care reported significant improvement in physical health, emotional and mental health and reduced stress and greater life enjoyment. Seventy-six percent of the over 2800 patients improved in every category!

Here is a link to our more detailed page about this approach.

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