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Why is your posture so important?

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Having and maintaining a good posture is a major step in preventing back pain and, whilst no one is immune from it, there are some simple things you can do to promote a better posture and help reduce the risk of developing back pain.

Straighten Up UK is an exciting programme from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA), designed to improve posture and help prevent back pain by promoting balance, strength and flexibility in the spine. The campaign encourages every family to adopt a simple three-minute exercise programme as part of their daily routine. This is about the same amount of time it takes to brush your teeth. The exercises help improve posture, stabilise core muscle groups, enhance health and prevent spinal disability. Boy doing excercise The ‘core’ back and stomach muscles, the deep muscles that stabilise the spine during movement, need to be strengthened and kept toned. The exercise program is designed to be both effective and convenient, with all exercises done in a standing position and for those who cannot stand the exercises can be modified to be performed sitting. They can be undertaken by people of all ages with a special programme having been tailored for children. The programme is divided into three simple segments and the exercises can be adapted to suit individual capabilities.

Take a look at this short excercise video designed to improve your posture

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The StraightenUp campaign

The StraightenUp campaign was launched in 2006 on the World Spine Day (an event that was initiated by the World Health Organisation. (WHO)) and initially started in America but is rapidly becoming a global campaign. It is an exercise programme that was developed by a team of experts including chiropractors, researchers, fitness experts and officials from the WHO and is based on the latest scientific evidence to prevent spinal dysfunction.

Why StraightenUp UK?

Our children are our future! This is a cliché that you probably have heard before. We are fast becoming a nation of couch- and slouch potatoes, that and poor posture is a common trigger of back pain, along with other normal day to day activities such as housework, DIY, sleeping, sitting at a computer and playing computer games for extended periods of time, particularly if you are unfit. Considering that consumer research that was carried out by the British Chiropractic Association found that 50% of 16-24 year olds are currently suffering from back pain compared to 18% just three years ago, it is particularly important to make sure that our children do the right type of exercise and improve their posture. Bad posture has a lot to answer for – not only can it have a negative affect on your health but it could also have a negative effect on how people around you perceive you as a person. The first impression is everything. People make their mind up about you in the first 7 seconds of meeting you. Good posture is commonly associated with confidence, capability and good health. Poor posture can be associated with laziness, sloppiness, or a perceived lack of care about your appearance.

Do the StraightenUp exercises work?

An American study showed after just five weeks of daily StraightenUp exercises, 83% of participants reported a postural improvement. Approximately 80% reported that their backs were more comfortable and that they could sit and stand more upright, and 78% said they felt stronger in their core muscles (Figures from StraightenUp America). Why not give these excercises a go – they really work – see for yourself!

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