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Vitamins to Aid Wellness

Vits picWe offer a range of high quality vitamins from Nutri Advanced

Please talk to reception if you would like to purchase any of our range of vitamins to aid your general wellness. Alternatively talk to Rowen at your next visit, for a more indepth knowledge of health and nutritional advice.

Pure Omega 3 Fish Oils Range

Eskimo®-3 is the pioneer brand in omega-3 supplements and has been used by practitioners and patients for over 20 years. It was developed by Professor Tom Saldeen who has earned the prestigious nickname ‘the father of omega-3′ thanks to his lifelong study of the benefits of omega-3. Professor Saldeen made it his mission to bring these significant health benefits to the Western diet so often lacking in omega-3 and resulted in the birth of the Eskimo® range.

Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil

Pure Omega 3  Fish Oils with Vitamin E
– 250 Capsules

Eskimo®-3 is a pure and stable omega-3 fish oil providing high levels of fatty acids EPA and DHA in their naturally present concentrations. Omega-3 fatty acids have been well studied, with EPA and DHA contributing to the normal function of the heart, and DHA supporting normal brain function and vision.

EPA and DHA also provide support for normal blood pressure, skin health and normal triglyceride levels.

Eskimo®-3 contains Vitamin E to ensure long term stability meaning no fishy odours or aftertaste. Vitamin E also has the health benefit of contributing to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and damage. Oxidative
damage can lead to premature ageing and DNA damage.

Eskimo®-3 has a tasty lime flavour oil.

Omega 3 - brainsmartPure Omega Brainsharp – 120 Capsules

Eskimo®-3 Brainsharp combines the unique pure and fresh fish oil, Eskimo-3, with ingredients such as CoQ10 and GLA to optimise brain function and provide energy support.

Eskimo®-3 Brainsharp provides high levels of omega-3. Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA support heart health, vision, normal blood pressure, skin health and normal triglyceride levels.

Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA acids are also really important in supporting your brain’s ability to perform. In fact, 60% of your brain is actually fatty acids.
Eskimo®-3 Brainsharp also contains Vitamin D which contributes to immune health, normal bone, muscle and tooth health and cell division (mitosis). Mitosis regulates cell growth, development, and repair in our bodies.


Inflavonoid – Turmeric & Ginger Formula with Vitamin C – 60 Tablets

Inflavonoid™ contains a specially formulated blend of phytochemicals from the select herbs: ginger and turmeric, together with citrus bioflavonoids and vitamin C. It acts as a natural alternative to NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) therefore reducing the often harmful side effects of gastrointestinal bleeding which are more common than many are aware, especially in those with an already sensitive digestive system.

D3 - 500

Vitamin D3 5000 – High Potency Vitamin D
– 60 Tablets

Our bodies produce vitamin D in sunlight, but warnings about burning and melanoma lead people to cover up and get too little sunlight – not to mention the effect of living with the British weather. This is important because vitamin D regulates the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, keeping bones and teeth healthy. That’s why taking vitamin D is so helpful. It’s present in oily fish, eggs and fortified products, but we make it even easier by producing it in several forms. D3 5000 is a high potency vitamin D formula that provides 5000IU of cholecalciferol per tablet. It provides a high dose for those who may be deficient or who require extra vitamin D.

Here are the Vitamin D recommendations from a study in May 2017:  A recommendation of 1,000 IU for children < 1 year on enriched formula and 1,500 IU for breastfed children older than 6 months, 3,000 IU for children > 1 year of age, and around 8,000 IU for young adults and thereafter. 


vitamin CC-1000 TR – Time Release Vitamin C with Bio Flavonoids – 90 Tablets

C-1000 TR is a high-dose formula of the potent antioxidant vitamin C, augmented with synergistic bioflavonoids.

Probiotics – the gentle way to a healthier gut

The balance of bacteria in your digestive tract can be disrupted all-too-easily. Antibiotics, antacids, stress, a poor diet and alcohol have been shown to cause an imbalance in gut flora that may lead to all sorts of problems – including constipation, diarrhea, gas and yeast infections. Aside from problems of the digestive system, general infections and skin problems such as eczema can also result.

Many supermarket-bought supplements carry probiotic labels, but – unlike ours – they are not guaranteed to contain the specific types of probiotic bacteria proven to benefit human health.

Our probiotics feature only those bacteria proven to support the human digestive system. What’s more, our products have been scientifically validated as containing these beneficial bacteria in a live state and in sufficient quantities to be effective. Meaning they start working in your gastrointestinal tract straight away.
Probiotic Plus

Probiotic Plus – 60 Capsules

Probiotic Plus contains an exclusive blend of live bacteria and provides 750 million viable organisms per capsule. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium have been complemented by five additional bacterial strains, including L. rhamnosus and L. plantarum. 

New Product – ProbotiX® Daily 5 Live – 30 Capsules

ProbotiX® Daily 5 Live is an exciting new shelf stable formula that contains 5 strains of high quality live bacteria includingBifidobacterium strains and 3 strains of Lactobacillus. Each ProbotiX® Daily 5 Live capsule provides a minimum of 5 billion live bacteria.  It is excellent to use when travelling, especially as there’s no need to refrigerate! Combine it with Saccharomyces boulardii for ideal travel or holiday support.

ProbotiX® Daily 5 Live is free from sugar, dairy and other allergens, plus it’s vegetarian and vegan.

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