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Meet Rowen Simpson BSc (Chiro) DC MRCC

Worthing Chiropractor, Dr Rowen Simpson

Explaining spinal health, and how its affected by cord tension, breath/body awareness & posture

Friends and family thought we were crazy leaving our successful practice in North London, for a new life by the sea. However, the desire for change was too much to ignore. So we moved our family to sunny Worthing in 2007, and I worked as an associate in Shoreham and Worthing for 5 years.

Vital Experience and Education

My parents had a natural approach to health which served me very well. Wanting to expand that knowledge in a way that was both professional and vitalistic (assisting the body to heal itself) I decided to study chiropractic at the prestigious Anglo-European College of Chiropractic 1989-93 in Bournemouth. Throughout my career, my key objective has been to offer the best possible care for each and every person that walks though the clinic door. With 30 years experience, ongoing post-graduate training and over 100,000 patient visits, I have a rich tapestry of techniques to offer, which can be adapted to suit everyone’s needs. For some, it’s the first time their body lets them down. For others, chiropractic is the last resort for resolving a long standing ‘quality of life’ issue.

Treating the Whole Person, Not Just The Symptoms

People usually come to see chiropractors initially about their symptoms. This can indicate the body has been adapting to various stressors for some time. Whilst I understand that symptoms seem to be the problem, they can also be seen as a warning that changes are needed. So, together we often discover that they’re actually a signpost for a deeper underlying issue. Using gentle techniques, which stimulate change (to muscles, bones, nerves), the body can then start to heal and self-regulate more easily. This is what its designed to do, giving you feedback about what’s needed, provided it has optimum nutrition and adaptation to stress. There’s nothing more soul-satisfying than working with people who have given up all hope, but soon start feeling better and see the new possibilities that lie ahead. Being a family man, I also truly love and value working with pregnant mothers and their tiny newborn babies and, it’s an honour serving children and assisting in their development. I work with patients of all ages, from babies in their first days of life, children, teenagers, adults and right up to the ever increasing population of those over 100 years of age! Statistics show that more of us will be living to our 90s and 100s so its well worth improving our quality of life as much as we can.

Chiropractic Care is Part of Our Family

Worthing Chiropractor Rowen, Ivy & boys on holiday in Cornwall 2013

Rowen, Ivy & boys on holiday in Cornwall 2013

Rowen, kiting in Goring...

Rowen, kiting in Goring…

Sarah (my lovely wife and Practice Manager) and I have four children, three of which were born at home, all breast fed, all active, all musical and all cyclists! Feeling blessed with three healthy teenage boys as well as 3 cats, we then had the joy (and surprise!) of the birth of our beautiful baby girl, Ivy in 2012. She has enriched our lives beyond expectation, despite juggling late night teenage taxi servicing with school runs to Bright Little Buttons (a ‘wonderful‘ Montessori nursery) and now big school. We also now have the addition of our new dog, Django who is settling in very well, though the cats aren’t quite sure about him yet! When it’s windy I love kite-surfing at Goring Greensward, mountain-biking and dog walking up on The Downs, occasional yoga (with the ‘energisingLinzi Rodina, which works well with our bodymind approach to tension and stress), occasional judo (at Rising Sun Judo Club and Worthing Judo Club … though not been for a while!), skiing and snowboarding and we often go camping and to small festivals as a family in the summer. After falling off the trampoline, our youngest son expressed his sadness that other children didn’t always receive chiropractic whenever they needed it. “They have to book in and wait for an appointment to see you Daddy”. A few years ago, friends had to cancel a New Year’s eve party due to illness. Our eldest proudly announced, “We don’t get ill, we’re a chiropractic family”. We all have chiropractic care once or twice a month which helps keep us active and healthy. Three of our children have never had antibiotics in their lives, myself, only once for a bad tooth. We all like to cycle in and around Worthing and up on The Downs; even Ivy gets lots of fresh air on her scooter, bike or on one of our bikes in and out of town! Enough about me and my family! Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Give our clinic a call on 01903 533645, book online here or email me and let’s arrange a time to explore your options.

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