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Clear Day

Saturday 10th June 2017 – 10am – 5pm

“Where real depth and possibilities come to life”

This full-day healing seminar is available to people by invite, or application only.

With a personalised intake form and coaching throughout, this is a group seminar giving you time for reflection, sharing and transformation.

Exclusively for those in regular NetworkSpinal® Care.

Spend the entire day immersed in the energy of entrainments & SRI and take your healing strategies to a new level. Participate in three progressive entrainments and SRI workshop sessions, each building on the other into a crescendo of expansive consciousness, more energy, connection and inspiration.

Cost: £140 including delicious healthy vegetarian lunch 

(Members £110)

Deposit of £30 required to secure your booking.

What is a “Clear Day”?

A “Clear Day” is a one day healing-intensive event.  It is designed for those who have made progress in their healing journey and want to take their life and care to the next level. This event propels people forward with great velocity through the different Levels of Network Care.

What happens at a “Clear Day”?

An intensity is built through multiple entrainments and workshops in a larger group setting.  This allows our nervous system to access new resourcefulness and develop more refined strategies at accelerated rates. Our nervous system learns exponentially and many old and deep patterns are easily transformed.

Why should I come..?

To achieve a greater sense of self, have more clarity about your life’s direction and, enhance your intuition.
What people have said about Clear Days:
It gave me inspiration and confidence to pursue my dream – S.S.
A warm and caring, loving atmosphere, full of good people and good things, you should come! – Anon
A great way to grow, by really experiencing how your health and personal development are amazingly interrelated – R.S.
Shake up old patterns that no longer serve you and set a new course – M.T.
(an experience of) calmness and deepness, dealing with the “big stuff”, but not in a heavy way, in a very natural way – V.R.
If you wish to get a big jump on your healing, you have got to go! – J.H.
It’s an amazing space to share and connect with others on the same type of journey as you – N.M.
An amazing experience in a very safe environment – Anon
A wonderful opportunity to let go of the hum drum of life and move into an intentional space for personal growth and transformation – C.K.